Week 3: Manovich

Manovich suggests the merging and even reversing of De Certeau¡’s categories of ¡¥strategy¡¦ and ¡¥tactic¡¦, do you agree with this point? Is there a democraticing of media or is it still in the hands of ¡¥big business¡¦
I do agree with what Manovich suggested. It is true that ¡¥strategy¡¦, as what defined by De Certau, doesn¡¦t work from century to century. In the old days, things were less advanced and there were fewer choices of products to choose from. People chose things based on usefulness and price of the stuff just to satisfy their common needs. They used to follow the trend of products offered by the market. However, in nowadays, it is a century of modern. Things are of more design and products varied. People have more choices. In turn, people started to think about what they want from the various choices. They are then more concerned of having their own life style and become more creative. People no more blindly follow the ¡¥rules¡¦ of the producer, but to produce their own style. The producers thus have to ¡¥listen¡¦ to the majority to produce stuff that the consumer liked and to keep on having variety of choice. ‘Tactic¡¦ tends to exchange place with ¡¥strategy¡¦.
Although the media world tended to be controlled by democratic nowadays and the producer based on making money by more depend on majority needs, the main final control is still in the hand of the producer. They are the provider to offer opportunities to the people for their own creation. Without the provider, people have no ways to widely publish their thoughts.
If I am a producer of advertising, the consumer is still the one to react to what I created and published to the public. The consumer can choose to like it or not. The aim or idea of producing an advertise doesn¡¦t change, it is still a ¡¥strategy¡¦, to provide an information to the people to receive. I can¡¦t force people to choose from what I advertised, but the people are still the one the react to it.
This is what ¡¥strategy¡¦ would never be completely replaced or exchanged by ¡¥tactic¡¦. But there will always be an unpredictable varies of ¡¥tactic¡¦ to ¡¥strategy¡¦ time by time.
Manovich makes a lot of the ¡¥conversation¡¦, although he also says that further analysis is required to understand if web 2.0 inspired conversations are ¡¥a genuinely new phenomenon¡¦, do you have any anecdotal evidence of the interactive, ongoing nature of the ¡¥conversation¡¦?
All those ¡¥conversations¡¦ through facebook, Youtube, etc are getting more common. It is not limited by location and time. As right now, we are using blog to share our idea and post every week¡¦s schedule for everyone to check out. It is convenient, easy and costless, as long as everyone can get access to the web. We can post our own thoughts on our blog as well as interact with others through the discussion space. Besides, conversations through Skype or video conference are just as usual. It is free of charge compared to using phone calls. I usually contact my friends in Hong Kong through web rather than writing letters or making long distance phone calls. Using video camera, you can meet your friends through imaging and talk through a mic. 
Different kinds of blogs keep on developing and advancing. The invention of ICQ to msn, word processing conversation to image and sound conversation are evidence of the ongoing nature of the ¡¥conversation¡¦. Previously, computer and internet are not as widely used. Web is just publishing professional stuff to allow people to read from. Today, Web is widely used for every individual to publish and allow people to respond through posting comments or using other ways of conversation. Mostly every family got at least one computer at home. Although the elderly may not know how to use to communicate throught this medium, it has become a common communicating medium for the younger generation. To later on generation, ¡¥conversation¡¦ will be just a basic thing for everyone.
However, the interactive and ongoing of the nature of conversation may not suit to people like me. I do browse Youtube or forums, however, I resist posting comments or sharing thoughts through web. No matter how popular this ¡¥conversation¡¦ is, there is still a minority of people that ignored to communicate through this medium. It may because of feelings of insecurity, fakeness and not as inspiring as face to face conversation. Such interactive and ongoing of the ¡¥conversation¡¦ will once be limited by these people.


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