Week 4: Barbican Centre & ICA

Barbican centre: Frequency & volume

It was impressive. I was amazed when I first saw this invention. It was fun. The idea of using the movement and shadow of human body to tune the radio is fresh and new. It was successful that it could attract people to try it ad get interested with the form of this digital technology. It also showed that digital technology and human was closely related. As a piece of art, it was creative and presentive. However, this invention  is not practical.

ICA: Ear cinema

It was fascinating. With ambisonic sound, the combination of 8 speakers and the surrounded screens in the cubic space, it seemed like I can feel myself what the character was experiencing in the film. The scene was flashing through my mind with the effect of the sound and the 4 sided screen. It  keeps attracting me to listen, turn and look around to find out which screens the scene was played. It leaded you to keep attented. I would say – simple prodcution with inspiring effect.


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