Week 6: ‘surface is…’ & ‘personalised surface’

surface is…

Surface, in general, means the outer face, exterior part, outermost layer, any face of something or a boundary between two objects.
To me, everything got a surface itself. What we touch, we hold, is the surface of the object. It is a must pass medium, an interaction point, a point that we need to comunicate between objects/subjects. Digitally, surface can be known as a touchscreen, any display screen of your mobile or camera, a plain 2D face that can cover or hide anything behind/in it. We can’t reach or touch what is inside the face, but we can control or see what is under the surface in some circumstances, such as we can image a digital 3D objects,etc. That is how we can communicate or interact with the ‘surface’ to make the most of it.
But of course, what  I mentioned would only be a tiny part of what ‘surface’ is.

personalised surface

In this exhibtion, it showed more role of surface from a variety of perspectives. Everyone got a different thought or definition about surface, therefore each create their own unique personalised surfaces. They have a common point, to interpret their at piece as/on a  ‘surface’ digitally. Paul Coldwells imaged his work on screen in layers, Kathy Prenderagst mapped the sculpture with drawing, Sissu Tarka visualise the animation on a monitor screen, etc. Each have a distinguishable exploration and presentation of their work on their questioning of surface.


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