Before redesigning for Shunt, I have first visited Shunt’s webpage ( and think of what could be improved. In my personal view, I think the logo of shunt does not appear to be impressive or sharp enough to attract people. Besides, i think the typeface and fonts of the webpage doesn’t well match its logo. Also, the website is not as functional/directive that the site is not well organized and there is lack of communication between shunt, the website and the visitors. 

Therefore, I have decided to reestablish/improve the logo, business card and the website of Shunt to make it more remarkable and easier to function. 

The logo of shunt is built up by a number of small rounded circles. The idea of the circle come from the spotlight in which to highlight its existence  to the  public. It also expresses the success of shunt and each of the artists in the pasting years, like people performing on a stage under the spotlight.  

Besides, I have tried to link the business card of the artist with shunt and the website,enhancing the function of a business card rather than simply a thick paper script with personal details and contacts. There is a code (the small circles) on each of the cards, which come from splitting the logo of shunt into 10 parts for the 10 artists respectively. People can get to the artist’s personal page  from the home page of shunt directly with the code.

The website is redesigned. My idea of the webpage is to provide a modern and clearer site which is more user friendly. The subjects/subtitle in the site is reorganized and reformatted, which is easier for people to direct from one page to another. The site is made to be more attractive, interesting and communicative, such as adding a drawing tool for people to suggest their idea and developing a more modern viewing system for the photo gallery. I think it is always important to provide a medium of communication to let the public/visitors get involved.


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