Camberwell Arts Festival

The main concept is come from a simple/common gesture – raise your hand or put your hands up. It is well understood by most of the people that raising a hand can convey hello, welcome, use in an audience when one wish to speak or be recognized, and as a sign of participation.  

i am trying to give a strong and direct message to the public to get involved in the festival with this concept.  

The raising palm looks like leaves of a tree, therefore I start to develop my whole idea putting those palms on the tree. With the palms as the leaves of the tree, it conveys the message of welcoming everyone to participate in the festival. The hand is drawn in a cartoon style, to make it as iconic as possible. A small tree sculpture is constructed to symbolize camberwell as an environmentally friendly area with parks and plants, giving a warm and cosy greet to the public and gather up the people in one place – camberwell. The palms in another hand are small leaflets with information about the festival, which people can take off. 

Besides, I have also considered the production cost and material to be used. The tree is aimed to be constructed by wasted paper or cardboard, in a way to be environmental friendly as well as cheap production. However, the problem could be the damage caused by rain or misbehave of the people. This could be improved.

In general, this whole concept is trying to attract the people to the festival by producing something new, different and interesting, rather than simply designing a leaflet or poster.


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