Personal Project

I have finalized the topic of my personal project as the person who means the most to me in my life. I have planned to make a portrait of the person by white  pins on white board. 

The ‘white on white’ concept is to demonstrate the feel of being in a dream or a fantasy, which tempts you to chase after it to get a closer view and a clearer, stronger vision. You would wonder the existence or the detailed appearance of this person. The portrait is made in different angles to provide the viewer a space to think over. People would try to remind themselves or refresh their memory about the  appearance of the person by assembling every views they remembered.

Unfortunately, the project didn’t go as plan. Therefore, the idea have been altered by using some purple pins on the white board. The theme of the project remains unchanged. I have used simply a smiling face of the person to demonstrate the happiness that everyone would have dreamt of in their lifetime. The purple pins – being the favourite colour the person – were used instead of the white pins to characterize the person. The pins were neatly pinned onto the board.  Under the light, the pins have produced a shadow of face of the person on the board, which is quite interesting to look at.


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