Evaluative report

Previously, I have been reading a lot of graphics magazines or books to get inspiration for my work. It is a good way of learning. However, this could indirectly influence one’s working style by adapting ideas from the resources. In this period of time, I have learnt to think a lot more different and develop various new ways of working on my own.

In the Hybrid project, I have introduced a quite interesting book binding method from the traditional ones. It is so much different from those I did before. It was not only functional, but in another way it was made to interact with the users. I have combined different elements and skills that I have used in the previous to generate something fresh and new.  

It is not an easy job to finish each piece of work within a short period of time. It is necessary to think fast but having the idea thoroughly determined. Because there would not be time for you to keep on trying and experimenting until the idea could actually be applicable. It is true that practicing is important. 

In the project ‘Make something really big’, there is a very short time provided to produce an unedited video. It offered an opportunity to train the brainstorming skills. I have learnt to make use of any resources that I could easily find, such as a hair dryer, torch, paper and strings around, to produce different features, environment and audio effect for the film. 

It is sometimes difficult to produce a work that is creative whilst functional for actual use. For example, in the Camberwell Arts Festival project, besides the design of the advertisement, the properties of the work, the cost of production and availability of materials in the actual situation are also considerable. However, I have left out the part of considering the weather condition that the rain could damage the paper made sculpture. That is what I have learnt that how detail a design have to be determined. 

In the group project, it was a pretty nice experience for me. I enjoyed spending time with the group, sharing ideas and working together. It is sometimes hard to compromise among a large group of people as each people got their own idea and view of point. In a way, it is a good opportunity to know more about myself and others. By working individually, you would not have noticed your shortcoming in working. In a group, I have learnt to take judgment from others by reflecting after work whilst improve my communication skills by knowing how to express myself. It is important to develop a unique working style as an artist. However, in the commercial aspect, it is necessary to understand the need of the customers, to cope with the working environment and to have good communication skills to work with other colleagues.

Overall, I think I have improved in several aspects, such as thinking wider, being more creative and developing better interaction skills with others. But I still have to work on time management and to think of backup plans that not all ideas would have worked well or applicable as expected.


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