Aim and objective

Etiquette and manners are something known as a norm, but they are not written laws or rules. This behaviour could be some kind of common sense that people would rarely spend time to study it. It is normally taught in school or acquired from upbringing by others. Apart from that, it is not something people would spend time to study or read about. There were always many people complaining about those who neglect to have good manners, such as jumping queue, littering, etc. although there were a number of books written on etiquette and manners, they used to be lengthy of words and explanation. There were no single books that practically illustrate the text visually in images. It is actually quite boring to read it.

Etiquette and manners are something very essential in our daily life. It relates to our daily activities about how we behave and politeness. With good behaviour and manners, people learn how to respect each other and this makes everything easier and the society better. It is something that cannot be neglected or put aside. In my point of working on this topic, I would like to produce an effective and influential design that could bring up the importance of etiquette and manners, and attract the audience to develop interest in it.

I think it is best to develop an information design in this programme of study. An information design can clarify the topic to the audience through transforming sentences of words into visual language (graphic display). This can better illustrate the topic, so as to allow a wide range of audience to easily understand the message conveyed and be motivated by the design.


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